by Hunting Owls





released December 14, 2016

Written, Performed, and Produced by Dan Joseph Cohen


Josh Cohen - Bass
Matthew Chalmers - Real Drums
Rhys Morgan - Saxophone, B. Up Vox
Alex Ernewein - Keys, B. Up Vox
Alice Xue - B. Up Vox



all rights reserved


Hunting Owls Toronto, Ontario

Toronto-based and self-produced. Hunting Owls is a project by Dan Joseph Cohen focusing on avant-garde approaches to songwriting techniques and lyrical play, he wants to bring the listener to the teetering edge between bliss and instability. Love songs and the end of the world go hand in hand as they both bring about manic states and the search for truth and virtue. ... more

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Track Name: Monolith
Oh God, Illuminated
Woes administering setbacks
I find these blessings to sting
But the vipers will slay what they will
Who's nonsense will malnourish us?

Oh brooding visionary
You can go and fight the vulgar
And carry on with carelessness
We're all crazed by the sixth sphere
Our Fire
We rise together, bowing to our goat-horned saviour

Lately everythings uneasy
Fights are fine but this is bleeding
We're the most creative as destructors
We're tired out its gone beneath
And love is not a tomb believe me
This is now our burial in dirt

Oh man, illuminate me
Got this respiratory fraud
Time lost in a black hexagon
Black Fire
We rise together, all praise our goat-horned saviour
Track Name: Knives
Dancing, dancing, dancing to the rhythm
Hold me, hold me, hold me
Won't you give another night
Hold me tight
Feel your body right
Through the night
Feel your body right
No, I won't lie
No more

It used to be
We found love vertically
But oh, nothing ever lasts forever

Oh I'll be
Howling, howling, howling won't you help me
Help me, help me, help me
But you went and found the knife
And you cut my heart
Cut my heart and run
Through the dark
Through the dark you run
And I fall apart
On the floor
Track Name: Windows
I feel our two hearts beating,
But our loves retreating
Cause I know you're going away

And the way I'm dreaming
Got my hopes all fleeting
I suppose I'm about to break

Goodbye was all I managed
Gave up my hope for change
I don't belong here anymore

Got the heater cause I'm freezing
And I'm wrapped up in my reasons
Cause these windows, they all have old pains

Call me lonely, always lonely
Won't you come back here and warm me
Oh it's cold when you're so far away